Monday, July 14, 2014

Stuff You’ll Only See in the Philippines (23 pics)

Soda in a plastic bag.

The game Tumbang Preso.
For those that don’t know, Tumbang Preso is a game usually involving a milk can or bottle of some kind. There’s one guard and then the other players will try to knock over the can with their pamatos (usually a rock or shoe). If a player is tagged when trying to recover their pamato, they become IT. This perfect candy treat for the full of shit person in all of our lives.
This road sign.
And this truck.
These consolation prizes.
This dog going for a ride.
This Wi-Pie to go.
This boy carrying this dog through flood waters.
This gathering of friends in the aftermath of heavy rains because Filipinos have the most fun.
And this wedding kiss during a heavy rain.
This colorful Jeepney.
These guys selling ice cream IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN.
And this guy selling FRESH COCONUT JUICE.
This snowman.
And this pink cat GrabTaxi.
This food cart.
And purple yam jam.
The sweet tofu snack, called Taho.
This husband day care center.
Views like this.
And breathtaking sunsets like this.


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