Saturday, November 1, 2014

Things That Are Actually Educational for a Change (27 pics)

This is a gallium, a metal that melts in your hands.
This is what getting a tattoo looks like in slow motion.
This is how springs are made.
This is an app that translates things in real time.
This is what happens when a car from 1959 collides with a car from 2009.
This is a paper airplane machine.
This is what happens when glass shatters.
This is what a star being swallowed up by a black hole looks like.
This is how trains turn.
This is what tonic water looks like with a black light.
This is a machine that peels apples for you.
This is what it looks like to cry in space.
This is a train being crash tested.
What happens when a bubble freezes.
What 1,000 paintballs being fired at once looks like.
What 3D-printed metal looks like.
What tape does to frosted glass.
This is how big Australia is compared to the United States.
This is what Earth would look like with Saturn’s rings.
This is what snake venom does to blood.
This is what a tree full of pollen looks like.
This is what happens when you drop a hammer and a feather at the same time on the Moon.
This is an app that does your math for you.
This is how a Slinky drops.
Oh, and how to make chocolate bowls.


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